Adobe House to Commercial Kitchen

Hello friends, Amy here, admitting the reason I’ve been busier than usual. Along with increased demand for mole during the holidays, I also needed to make a new home for Mano y Metate. I moved in just after Christmas.

To keep the 1945 adobe sound, new wooden beams suspend the exhaust hood.


The smallest place I could find is much bigger than Mano y Metate needs, so I am renting the space to other users as well.

We had to cut the floor for new electrical and plumbing. To commemorate, we scraped and sealed the floor clear.

We have ten sink basins in less than 1,000 square feet. Safety first!

You can really appreciate something when you know what it is, inside and out.

The electrical box had charred and melted pieces, maybe from many years ago. The tale of a near death experience?

The grease interceptor and new sewer lines.

New walkway for wheels and feet.

plumb in adobe

If you are seriously interested in renting, email me your business plan to casa del metate at gmail dot com.



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