DIY Cheese at home.


Savor Sister Linda here with you on June 1st, 2018.  The mornings are still cool here in the Old Pueblo. Bird songs serenade the day wide open.  Hatchlings, still “cheeping” and not yet in full voice are learning to fly and eat and fend for themselves. It is a wonderful time of year, not quite spring and not quite summer.

My “go to recipe” for a few years now has been a cheese that you can make at home and also make your own.

It is so simple it is almost startling.  I find I make it almost weekly and tweak it as new flavors present themselves in the garden or my imagination.

always use chiltepin, but for the recipe below I added it under optional because not everyone loves spice.

The base yogurt I prefer goat (or sheep if I can find it). This week with so many flowers about, I used flowering onions in the cheese and them made squash and squash blossom quesadillas. The cheese is great alongside eggs, on crackers – I eat it breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And snack on in it between.


The Basic Recipe: 

1, 32-ounce container of full fat yogurt. (Cow, goat, sheep)

1 Tablespoon culinary rock salt


Optional ingredients:

Chiltepin – 2-3 crushed ones as a starter recipe. For a stronger chile flavor 1 teaspoon dried crushed chiltepin.

Play around with rosemary, chives, chive or onion flowers.

Note: During the 24 hours the “curds and whey” are separating so the cheese will become a thicker as well as flavorful.  It is still a very soft cheese, and I am always delighted at seeing the cloth imprint on the cheese itself. As you place it in an airtight container, pour olive oil on top of the cheese to keep it fresh. You’ll also have some whey left over, which is great to use in soups or salads or fermenting food projects.


Place a Colander over a bowl. Then place a clean flour sack or dish towel inside the colander.



Place the yogurt, salt, and chiltepin right into the cloth.


I added some onion flowers from the garden.


Mix so that all the ingredients are spread throughout the yogurt.


I tie up the mixture and wait for 24 hours. Then use it in every way you can dream of!

IMG_5928 2

Here I added the squash, squash blossoms and cheese at the same time to a warm tortilla – folded in in half, and warmed it. This is a self cheese so you don’t want to fry or overheat it.


The chiltepin cheese compliments the sweetness of the squash. You can use acorn or butternut – no rules.

There are times where you get to travel with a group of women of deep intelligence good hearts,  and integrity – and my fellow Savor Sisters are all that and more. This is my last official blog piece on Savor the Southwest and so I want to thank them for a wonderful mutual adventure. And I want to thank You for reading our collaborative blog ! Stay tuned for all the flavors and wisdom that pour forth from the Savor Sisters; as well as for fresh perspectives and voices to come.

10 thoughts on “DIY Cheese at home.

  1. Linda Linda!! I will miss your “radical homemaking” offerings, your wide awake approach to everything, your topical delving, your inspired turn of phrase, your delicious fotos….
    lots of love!!


  2. I love making this with kefir (kuh-FEAR). I have grains if you sisters want some.

    love and glochids, b.

    Barbara Rose Bean Tree Farm Tucson, Arizona

    *Bean Tree Farm supplies desert foods and inspiration to the community, integrating conservation, sun power, water harvesting, permaculture and eco-logical design. We partner with schools and organizations to provide engaging, hands-on experiences for students, volunteers and participants.*

    On Fri, Jun 1, 2018 at 7:17 AM, Savor the Southwest: wrote:

    > Savor Blog Partners posted: ” Savor Sister Linda here with you on June > 1st, 2018. The mornings are still cool here in the Old Pueblo. Bird songs > serenade the day wide open. Hatchlings, still “cheeping” and not yet in > full voice are learning to fly and eat and fend for themselves. ” >


    • Ann – thanks very much for your interest and your comment. I personally leave it out on the counter and have always had good results – both flavor/texture wise and health wise. I have had some folks tell me they are more comfortable health wise putting it in the fridge, and so they do that. Write back and let us know how it worked for you! Best, Linda


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