Mandala Meal-itos

Happy March everyone! Savor Sister Linda with you today in the Old Pueblo writing to you under a gorgeous full moon!


Mandala Magic Meal 

I woke up yesterday thinking about mandalas. Don’t ask me why; these things have a way of arising unbidden. As I was preparing breakfast, I thought it might be fun to “peer into”  the mandala shapes available to us food wise.  We could talk about mandalas for  centuries, and people have done so for just that long,  but for our purposes here, lets just give ourselves permission to simply inspired by The Gist of the Thing.

I find I reconnect with more primal parts of myself when I am in nature. Food is (or was, until we started messing with it) from nature for most of our evolution.  It amazes me that we humans feel so disconnected from the natural world – and as basic a thing as our food sources – when it is from nature that we come.

Now that the light is returning to this part of the world, the hens and turkeys are laying eggs again. Do you know the feeling of cold hands with their stiff, uncoordinated fingers?  In the late winter/early spring, when the mornings are still very cold,  I reach cold-stiff hands underneath warm lay hens. Fingers wrap around almost hot eggs,  and the effect thaws more than my hands.  This simple act reconnects “modern me” with a deeper, more instinctual self .

Whether we grow harvest, forage, or prepare our own food, we can reconnect us with seemingly lost parts of ourselves. Which is of course, what a mandalas are reported to do; reconnect us with parts in need of kinship.

My favorite egg-boiling method: 

Place eggs (a few days old; fresh eggs are harder to peel)  in an uncovered pot.  Bring the water to a roiling boil, and let it boil for about three minutes. Place a lid on the top of the pot, and turn off the heat. I wait about 10 minutes for the heated water to finish boiling the eggs. I find the texture and flavor richer and more pleasant, (than the “roiling and boiling” method for ten minutes where eggs feel too hard and the flavor duller than it needs to be)


These eggs have just beed removed fro the hot water and are now in a cold water bath to make peeling them easier.




Arrange your eggs however you would like and fill them with flavors that speak to you.  You really don’t need a vintage dish like this – the eggs themselves are tiny mandalas. 


Being a Wild Chile Addict, I crush one chiltepin over each egg. 

Mandalas are all around us – just peer into the center of a flower. Or cut open an apple (see top photo). Or grapefruit.  Or Tomato.  Or …..



A wee bit more about Mandalas from Carl Jung himself:

In 1938, I had the opportunity, in the monastery of Bhutia Busty, near Darjeeling, of talking with a Lamaic rimpoche, Lingdam Gomchen by name, about the khilkor or mandala. He explained it as a dmigs-pa (pronounced ”migpa”), a mental image which can be built up only by a fully instructed lama through the power of imagination. He said that no mandala is like any other, they are all individually different. Also, he said, the mandalas to be found in monasteries and temples were of no particular significance because they were external representations only. The true mandala is always an inner image, which is gradually built up through (active) imagination,(C.G.Jung – Psychology and Alchemy, Princeton University Press, 1993, paragraph 123.)

It is not without importance for us to appreciate the high value set upon the mandala, for it accords very well with the paramount significance of individual mandala symbols which are characterized by the same qualities of a – so to speak – “metaphysical” nature. Unless everything deceives us, they signify nothing less than a specific centre of the personality not to be identified with the ego. ( Psychology and Alchemy, Paragraph 126.)



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