Two Soups featuring Winter Squash and Mole Dulce


After selling Mano Y Metate moles on this cool, drizzly day with my mom Tedie and sister Laura, we made some soups with what I had on hand.

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We browned a chopped onion in olive oil with a bay leaf, then added a couple cloves of garlic and a tablespoon of Mole Dulce powder. We cooked it until fragrant, then added a quart of homemade turkey broth. A handful of Minnesota wild rice from a friend’s a summer trip simmered in the broth, as well half a butternut squash from the Tucson CSA. Salt and pepper to taste. When tender, we garnished with parsley.


Starting with the same base of onion, bay leaf, garlic and Mole Dulce, we added cooked, pureed hubard squash and more turkey broth. It didn’t seem like enough spice, so we added more Mole Dulce powder and some ground ginger and turmeric. A tiny touch of honey brought it together, salt and pepper to taste. What really made this soup was Laura’s garnish inspiration. Fresh pomegranate arils and hulled pumpkin seeds added texture. The pomegranate’s cool, juicy tartness contrasted with the hot, sweet, creamy squash.

The final touch was Mole Dulce oil. Two tablespoons olive oil with one tablespoon Mole Dulce powder cooked until infused. We drizzled on the top of each bowl to taste.


Join us for Saturday, October 31 for Tohono Chul’s Chile and Chocolate Festival in Tucson. Tia Marta of Flor de Mayo will also be there!


Next weekend Mano Y Metate will be in Phoenix at the Desert Botanical Garden’s Chile and Chocolate Festival November 6, 7 and 8. Enjoy the weather!

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