Fermented Citrus: Marmalade, Indian Pickle, Mole Pickle

Hello friends, Amy here with more fermentation experiments. It’s a good year for citrus, and I’ve come across a few mystery specimens lately, all very tart. Lemons that look like sour oranges with a lumpy, thick zest. Kumquats that were maybe calamondins. Some called calamondins, but biger, with skin and pith as thick as an … Continue reading Fermented Citrus: Marmalade, Indian Pickle, Mole Pickle

Seville Whole Orange Cupcakes

This is citrus season in the desert Southwest. All varieties of citrus can be found on trees in backyards, orchards, public gardens, college campuses and even street sides. It is a wonderful abundance.  It’s Carolyn today and previously on Savor the Southwest, we’ve given you recipes for grapefruits, oranges and lemons (try this fabulous lemon pie … Continue reading Seville Whole Orange Cupcakes