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Simple Home Remedy for a Cold


Aunt Linda here. I am keeping it very simple today. The “little grey cells” are not at their best while my body fights off a cold, and so I have shelved what I had planned for today’s post.   We are going with the “less is more” approach to colds – and life.

Honey bees give us so much – lemons and honey are just two.

IMG_2270 (1)

So todays recipe is simple:  heat water to almost boiling. Find a favorite cup. Squeeze in as much lemon juice as you would like. Add honey. This is soothing for the throat – and the raw honey and lemon juice seem to have alkalizing properties for the body. Interestingly, I have read that processed honey will make your body more acidic.

IMG_2274 (1)

I added some honey comb, but that is just because I had it on hand. Use whatever honey you have. It occurred to me that the wax just might “exfoliate” the throat. But that is nothing more than a hunch.

In that vein, I added some salted pistachios to further “exfoliate” my throat – I felt like the magic of honey and lemon might work better.

IMG_2272 (1)

Until Next time!



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